Friday, November 13, 2009

36 weeks 5 days

That's how far along I was when I gave birth to Kensington.
I will be 36 week and 5 days pregnant with this baby on November 28th... the day, last year, my sweet boy Clarence came into this world without a sound. Kind of ironic I think. It has me worried.
Please let this baby stay put in my womb longer than that. This seems to be the only thing I can think about lately. I want November 28th for Clarence. I want November for Clarence.
Please let December be for this baby.


Just Breathe said...

Praying with you.

Beth said...

I know how you feel. I stumbled across your blog today. I lost my daugher on Feb. 26. She lived 5 beautiful hours. I am due with her little brother/sister 3/1/10. Sylvia's due date was 3/6/09. I want 2/26 to be "her day," but have to face the possibility that the baby may come on this day. I am thinking of and praying for you. I will be following your blog to see how it all goes. Your angel is watching his little sibling.

Michele said...

I cant totally understand. Praying that your little one decides December is his month...