Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been silent here lately. I just don't really have anything new to say or share I guess. Do I still think of Clarence? Of course. Do I still ache and hurt from his death. Yes! Everyday. But I am also finding more joy in my life everyday too. I am enjoying my daughter and watching how fast she is growing right before my eyes. I am trying to be a better homemaker and keep up with things. I am trying to get out more with Kensington.
So I may continue to be silent for awhile. It is nice to just BE. To try not to analyze so much and to just take life as it comes. That is what I am working on.
I'll still be around though....


Michele said...

Sometimes, I think we just need to be in order to be okay. Don't stress about the blogosphere. When you want to talk again, everyone will still be here to listen.

Enjoy your time with your daughter and the memory of your son...

Barbara said...

Don't feel bad about not blogging or not feeling guilty about the happy times or anything at all for that matter!

Just being is just what you need.

We're all still here when you need us.