Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emotional Mess

I have been an emotional mess this pregnancy. Not necessarily for the reasons you would think. Not about losing Clarence. Not about being scared to lose this baby. At least not overwhelmingly so. Just sad, tired and ..... I don't know what else. Maybe subconsciously it is about Clarence and fear? I don't know. I just wish it would get better. I wanna enjoy these last months of Mommy hood with my daughter as an only (live) child.


Barbara said...

I hope it gets better for you Alisha.

I fully expect to be an emotional mess for 40 weeks when it happens for us: meh, I'll breathe later.

Wishing you peace.


Just Breathe said...

You must have some fears inside that are keeping you from be happy right now. Who wouldn't after what you have been through.((HUGS))
I will pray for comfort, peace of mind, happiness and joy. I am also praying for your perfect baby.

Shana said...

Sweetie, you are always in my prayers and I am sending you big hugs and hope you feel better. Don't discount the fact that it can just be hormones too.

Michele said...

Oh Alisha... I think there are just so many things that go through our minds that add to stress. Sending you a big hug and hopes for some relaxation...

Franchesca Cox said...

Your Clarence is precious. xx

Leila's mommy said...

i found that i was more emotional during my first and third trimester with Leila, and being an emotional person anyway, well, you can imagine what a mess i was! next time around though (hopefully in the not-too-distant future) i fully expect to be a mess the whole 40 weeks (40 weeks! here's hoping!)
i hope it gets better, i want you to enjoy this pregnancy as much as you possibly can.