Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I had an eye exam today. I love the doctor I go to see. He is very friendly and is always happy to talk about his grand kids and asks many questions about my family. I almost made it though the appointment without mentioning Clarence. In the end though, as he was comparing my exam from today to last year, he must have saw where he made a note that I had been pregnant. He kinda stumbled for a minute and then seem confused. And then, God love him, he said "Did you lose one?" Plain and simple, not awkward, not apologetic, just matter of fact. He wasn't afraid of "reminding me" or "hurting my feelings". Maybe that would make some people mad that he asked so nonchalant like that. But it was OK with me. Others would have stumbled, been confused and then ignored the "elephant in the room". He didn't. We even talked about my pregnancy hormones. He made the comment (b/c we were talking about the meds I take) that the child bearing years wreck havoc on your hormones but once you are done having kids they seem to level out and you get some relief. "That shit does go away" he said. I had to laugh. My "shit" has been with me long before pregnancy, but I pray he is right and that it has just been exacerbated these last few years. I would love for my "shit" to go away or @ the very least even out and tame down! I bet Chad would be happy with that too ;)


Michele said...

I'm glad that he mentioned it. My dentist office mentioned Alexander the last time I was there because I was pregnant when I last saw them. It was nice that they didnt shy away from him.

bonita98 said...

Im glad that he brought it up like that too. I am now dealing with people I saw back in July, and they just act like my pregnancy didnt even happen. I like it better this way.
Oh I hope our "shit" balances out. But does he mean like when we're in our 50's LOL
I love your blog space by the way..its beautiful

Leila's mommy said...

wait, does he mean when we hit menopause?! i thought THAT'S when we started going crazy! lol
i'd love for my shit to go away too!