Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Window To My Soul

I was browsing DBL when I came across this blog entry by Niobe. I thought it was a really neat idea and I wanted to join in the fun. So here it is. These are my eyes. Well, one of them @ least. I'm not sure what color my eyes are. Is that funny? I've always said Blue. They have Gold around the pupil and sometimes look Green depending on what I wear. So does that make them Hazel? Hmmm.... What do you think?
*Edit to add* I have dry eyes so excuse the "hung over" appearance. They are always bloodshot! lol


Amanda said...

OMG that is too funny!! I have the same problem. I thought my eyes were blue but they too have the ring around the pupil that is brown so they change colors so everyone argues with me that they aren't blue. I say they change colors and they are blue, green or even hazel sometimes! I think your eys are a greenish grey! LOL

Barbara said...

My eyes seem to change colour too, blue/green/grey... I say it depends on my mood!


Anonymous said...

You have lovely eyes Alisha! I would call them blue grey. Hazel is more green brown I think. Did you have the flash on? How did you take a pic that close up? hehe. Eyes really are the window to the soul, I love how you put it that way.