Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday. 33. Yikes! I got an early birthday present yesterday. One that most people wouldn't be that excited about. My favorite aunt came to visit me. In other words AF (Aunt Flow). I am excited about this because it means my body is doing a good job of healing after the stillbirth of Clarence and the D&C to remove the placenta. It also means that we are able to start ttc (trying to conceive) again. Which I am so ready to do. Right or wrong, just the idea of being pregnant by the time Clarence's due date comes up is so comforting. And I think it would really make it easier if I was pregnant for Thanksgiving, his birthday, and Christmas. I think if I am not...Well, honestly, I would be a total mess. I think about it obsessively almost. If I got pregnant this month I would be due in Oct. Hmmm...we have too many October bday's in our family though. But then I could have a baby for the holidays next year, when Clarence would've been here. And then I think, I have always wanted to be hugely pregnant for the holidays, so a January or Feb baby would be great. For that we'd have to get pregnant in April or May. See what I mean about thinking about this too much?! I need to just let nature take it's course. So anyhow, that is where my mind has been lately.

Today was a great bday. I took KK to the library for story time and she had a lot of fun. The lady reads stories and also does songs with different props for the kids to use in between books. Today she did some felt board stories too. It is so neat to see her venture out on her own and not be shy. I love to just sit back and watch her take it all in. After returning from the library, she laid down for a nap. Mommy (that's me) got in her pj's and promptly made her way to the couch for some much needed R&R. Then off to dinner the 3 of us went to celebrate my bday. We went to the Olive Garden. Kensi got the fettuccine Alfredo...but she ate my spaghetti instead. You can never predict a toddler I tell ya. Had we ordered her the spagetti she would've wanted something else. Now that Kensington is tucked into bed, I am gonna end the night snuggled up on the couch with my DH (Dear husband) and watch some TV.

It just occurred to me that maybe I need to add an index for a list of abbreviations. That may help some of you along that aren't familiar with my SoulCyster's and ttc lingo. I'll check into that.