Friday, January 16, 2009


I just looked at the pathology report from my placenta. I am preparing for our appt with the specialist this coming Tuesday to go over it. I just realized it was received by my OB's office on DECEMBER THE FOURTH!!!!! No one ever called me! I had to call the last week of December to get it. I can't believe it. On December the 4th I had my f/u appt at that same OB's office. There she told me it could take up to 2 or 3 weeks and that if I hadn't heard from them by the New Year to call the office. Do they not realize how we agonized waiting for a report such as that?! What the HELL!? I am pissed. I am for sure changing OB's now. The practice is too huge and you are just a number. I agonized about calling and waited 3 weeks for that report when it was sitting right there in their office. Made myself sick to my stomach with anticipation. Piss on them. I am gonna take this up with someone there. I don't know who, but someone is gonna hear about it!


Gidget said...

That would make me so angry! I don't blame you for wanting to leave!

When we found out we didn't have a "viable" pregnancy, this really awful mean nurse called to tell me and she was SO mean! So mean! Just the way she handled it makes me want to kick her everytime I see her! I thought about changing office's over that--I'd def want to leave over what happened to you!