Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Friend Barbara

I have made some wonderful friends here through this blog. Barbara recently reprised her love of making jewelry. It warms my heart beyond belief to picture her tirelessly and lovingly pounding letters into the metal to spell the names of our dear lost babies. Thousands of miles away we are. Yet, I will forever feel close to her and wear her work close to my heart. Thank you Barbara and congratulations on your store Tiny Moments Of Pure Joy.
P.S. Do you see Clarence's name? It is up in the top right hand corner. Beautiful, don't ya think?


Barbara said...

Oh sweetie thank you! I feel a connection to you and Clarence just because he was born at a similar age to George and your pregnancy sounded frighteningly similar to mine (lots of bleeding). Thank you for being my friend.

And Clarence's heart is on its way to you! Posted monday.


Rach said...

What a lovely necklace. I love it! Barbara is just beautiful. xxx