Monday, March 9, 2009


I posted last month about my toe nail polish chipping away. It was polish that I had on since I was pregnant with Clarence and I was afraid for it to totally chip away. With the warmer weather this weekend I started to realize just how bad my feet looked and how much I needed to do something about it. I just couldn't bring myself to take off the polish though. So instead, I painted over it. It felt strangely liberating. Now I am not constantly looking down @ my toes and wondering what I am gonna do when it all comes off. And I didn't have to make the decision to take it off, wipe him away. It was the perfect solution I think.


Julissa said...

Great idea....i just want to tell you that I read all your posts...and your pain oozes through them.....I can feel your pain and I am so sorry that you feel so alone sometimes! God Bless!

Barbara said...

Perfect. And the bit that's left is still there underneath.


Heidi said...

That was a pefect solution. The memory is still there and you didn't have to take it away. I am sure Clarence wants his Mommy to show off her cute feet :)

Barbara said...

Alisha, I sent you a message through Misi but I don't think you've seen it and I can't find an email for you!

I wanted to tell you that I have to stamp on the front of the heart as the letters show through slightly, so if I stamp them on the reverse it won't look so nice. Let me know if this is ok? I'll wait until I hear from you before stamping.